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  1. Just got back from Istanbul and wow. What an amazing city. Turkey is clearly on the cusp of exploding economically in a big way, I've never seen more cranes and skyscrapers being built in my life. And it was super clean too (really putting Greece to shame, which at the moment due to public cuts is honestly pretty filthy). Also holy shit the food, especially the FRUIT.
  2. A general profile would be nice, like culturally what are they like (for example: Minnesotans are super polite, largely Scandinavian, politically liberal for the most part). What I'd really like to know though is the names of any Muslim Greek villages around the area.
  3. Hey duder, I know you live in Germany. But is there anything you know about the area around Trabzon back in the motherland? I need some help for some research. :)
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