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  1. Watching of all of the drama going on in the Smash community made me realize how lucky we were to have Quexinos as the admin of our online community. She never allowed any real shady shit to happen despite being a little bit too inept sometimes.I can't believe I'm saying it, but I do miss her. The last time I talked with her was in her Pony Forum to tell her about Bellamy returning and post this as a farewell message since I was gonna get too bussy with law school to keep goofing around in forums.
  2. Whatever happened to her? I haven't heard from her in a super long while.
  3. Happy New Year. I'm glad you didn't call it quits like Quexinos.
  4. Yeah, I went to check that site after making sure that my 3DS wasn't having any issues getting the wifi signal from my modem. Thanks for replying.
  5. You're not bothering me.

    I don't think it's intentionally down. This website has Nintendo Network status and it says the Wii U and 3DS might be experiencing problems right now.

    Actually testing it, I can't play smash online right now.
  6. hey rin sorry for bothering you, but I was wondering if you also got a message about the Nintendo Network being down for maintenance. I thought that Nintendo only took their network down on mondays.
  7. Seems like you have yet to add me to your friend list.
  8. I'm going online for a bit in case you still want a 1vs1
  9. Sorry, Not ignoring you.

    Been busy with work, and then working on the images for the Smash Bros. Community.

    I'd love to play you, my FC is obviously in my new sig.

    I've got a LOT of sigs to make tonight, we'll see how long it takes (I don't expect it to take too long due to having the basic design already done, but we'll see)

    If I have time tonight, You're on. Otherwise, tomorrow for sure.
  10. also, nice signature. I'd ask for one if I weren't in love with my current set.
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