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  1. Nice! I started lurking I think around 2012. Well in Wisconsin the only cities worth visiting are Madison, Milwaukee, and La Crosse, and out of those three Madison is probably best. The only thing La Crosse has going for it is its college and its bar per block ratio.

    Yeah...Wisconsin doesn't breed many manga fans I think haha. Jeez TX to WI is quite the move. I do love the falls, springs, and summers here, but the winters are so brutal and long I've been tempted to head south the past years. So are you planning on sticking around in WI then?
  2. Yeah, I've been on this site for some time, lurked even longer. Never heard of another Wisconsinite before you lol Plenty of people in, or once from, TX, but not WI.

    I was born & raised in NE TX, DFW suburbs. But by my 30s the Texas heat was getting to be too much for my health (migraines and breathing problems) so I moved up here to Madison about 10 years ago. I am handicapped and don't drive so haven't gotten around and visited any other cities here in WI.
  3. I live in Lax! So we have pretty similar weather. Madison is great! I go there occasionally haha.
    So weird, I thought I was the only OP fan/manga fan in wisco (not really, but it is so rare to find one here, or at least in la crosse)

    Also, small world that you lived in texas and wisco! My mom's from texas so I go there quite often.
    So how long have you been in Wisconsin? Have you been to la crosse? Ik the drinking culture is heavy in Madison, but it's even heavier here
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