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  1. I like that tidbit about the bosses! At least when the boss has an insane amount of HP, it won"t take as long to defeat him or her.

    Random is always good. The randomness sorta reminds me of Dokapon Kingdom, where most of the bosses were random, but depended on the area. Though, some bosses never changed, for example, the ones from the main chapters in the story. Also, it had that part with the bosses too, though the bosses there would heal sometimes, just because :P
  2. Another feature of FATE is that there are many lvs, 60+ I think. When you begin a game, it randomly chooses a level where there will be the 'big boss' to defeat. Each time you play, it can be a different lv and creature and randomly created name (more on that later) each game. I have 3 characters and each one has a different big bad boss to defeat.
    The bosses on the levels also have random names and can change. Oh it would be a creature that can appear on that level. A Yeti wouldn't appear on lv 5, its too strong and blobs are too weak to be a boss above that. Yet it doesn't always have to be a yeti, it could be a dungeon crawler (a giant centipede) or a skeleton.

    So you can see there's a lot of randomness to the game that keeps it interesting
  3. Yeah, FATE is nice in that way. When we die, its only our gold we loose from our inventory. If you've already picked up an item and it went into the trunk, then it stays in there. Another good point is that the Bosses don't heal. Say you get them down to 50% health when they kill you, then when go through that lv again and face that boss, it's at 50%, not back to 100%. THANK GODDESS for THAT! There are some lvs further down that you need that to defeat the boss!
    However, I think if you don't save, then you can loose all experience points you've gained since last that gives me the next thing to investigate in a death. lol.
  4. First, thanks for taking the time to check the options for death! And damn it being hard to die in the beginning 0.0

    That is interesting that it seems to be random on if you go up or down levels. I wonder if there is a pattern?

    Also, seems the options sometimes change. At least you don't have to worry about losing your gold. Reminds me sorta with Minecraft, so you have a limited time to get your items back. At least, FATE seems to be nicer about it.

    So, what are your next challenges on your death run? o:
  5. Well on 2nd death, I choose to go to random lv, ended up 2 lvs down. So yeah Its possible to go further down in dungeon.. but its a bad, bad choice XD, I quickly died (and no, I wasn't trying to!) and choose to quit. Joy! It doesn't delete the character, its still available. BUT the cost there is that when you play again you're still on same level you died. So I quickly died again XD. This time, #3 wasn't to return to town, but to go 3 lvs up. The cost was still the same of leave all gold behind.
  6. CONT>
    Seems I was wrong about #2. I thought it was that it would transport you to 2 levels up. But its really a random level. .... now I'm curious how far once can travel in levels. Is it just 1-2 levels up or could it be up to 3, 4, or more levels up. Or even take you down a level so you're even deeper in the dungeon? Also Wonder what would happen if I choose to quit instead of taking one of the three. Would that simply end the game but character still exist to play later, starting out new? Or would it completely delete the character?

    Well I'm gonna find out! I did name my character Sacrificus for a reason!!!
  7. CONT.
    I came twice to nearly dying, the health bar was only about 1/3rd to 1/4th of life left ... then I'd get a level up and I've forgotten that when you increase in level, your health is returned in full. So I had to story to die again. Finally it wasn't until Dungeon Level 3 and we got overwhelmed by rats that I finally died.

    The three choices... well actually there are four, three that allow you to continue the game or you can choose to quit. All three allow you to be totally healed but then there are other choices of where you go and each one has a different cost.
    1- healed and stay at current location, cost is points from experience & fame
    2- healed and transported to a nearby level , cost is a portion of gold
    3- healed and transported to town, cost is all gold stays at location you fell.
  8. Well, I finally got around to finding out the choices in the game of FATE that are given when you die. As a joke I named the character Sacrificus, his pet is Dungeon Bait. XD
    And let me tell you, its not easy to die XD You'd think so, esp. at the very first few levels where you just start. But turns out its a bit harder to die then compared to higher levels and further along in the game. I had given the chara very little armor to begin with, and no shield. (but then when you first start out the choices are few and small improvement) My first instinct to fight when coming up against an enemy so was staying quite healthy XD
    I finally stopped my instinct to fight and just walked up to the enemies and let them hit me.... but there's no way to stop the pet from attaching the enemies so they still got destroyed and I got points. XD

    -cut due to length-
  9. Cool! :D

    Good luck! lol XD
  10. Hahahaha .... now I want to go make a new character, play a few levels then let myself die to find out XD
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