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  1. Not lately, but I'll get around to picking up Sapphire eventually.
  2. hey man you still play pokemon? I kinda resetted my Friend Safari cuz i used another DS :( I hope i get to catch you back on so i can get your third slot
  3. It's great sir!! No need for the female and thanks!! Lemme know if theres any problem with the Scyther.
  4. That work for you? I can also send a 4 stat female later if that helps.
  5. When will you be on for the Scyther=Absol trade?
  6. I'll take a Male Absol if its alright
  7. I have absol, emogla, sandshrew, mienfoo, and now a few shroomish and makuhitas at varying 4-5 IV ratios.

    Technician scyther is probably better for me in general.
  8. What do you have again?? Well which scyther do you want. the 5iv technician or swarm
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