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  1. No problem at all

    Have a good gaming
  2. thank you so much. sorry for the trouble!!
  3. I just had to give them the items :P
  4. I think you're busy right now. So lemme know when you're ready.

    Nvm. lmao
  5. Ok, done
    FC: 1177-7916-5612, IGN George

    I will wait you online
  6. Alright man. Take your time :)
  7. Ok, then give me some time to clone them and I will give them to you, I will post the FC when I will have them ready
  8. I'll take the Diance and the beldum pls :) I wanna use it for the story. Omg I love you so much right now. What's your fc? Mine is 2191-7733-9582.
  9. Ι can clone a Diancie for you. The Diancite it is given to you when you enter any Pokecenter with it on your team by some people with a mini event. If it not happen I can give you a stone
    For the Beldum I have one Beldum to clone with (Jolly, perfect ivs and Attack & Speed ev) and I have a already cloned of my own Metagross with same stats as the Beldum at level 52
    You can get Metagrossite the 2nd time you beat Steven. If you want it for early game I can give it to you like Diancite.

    Tell me what you want and I will make the preparations
  10. Yeah the shiny beldum event and Diance with the stone if Possible.
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