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  1. Uh, i think not. I had a Porygon-z but traded it away. Sorry :(
  2. Got a porygon2? im completing the dex
  3. Shiny Tyranitar is like totally lame, i can't even tell them apart :p
  4. Happy New Year! haha my friend accidentally hatched a shiny too! Sassy larvitar
  5. Happy new year Shinybro :p I hate your shinies
  6. I have an Adamanta Synchronize that i can give you...i think. But it's not like i like you Senpai! *blushes* (Sorry, i'm reading sket-dan).
  7. if it makes you feel any better, its Adamant. I was breeding it for synchronize. 2nd egg was shiny
  8. Imagine me crying while i punch you in the chest and yell "You baka, i don't care! I don't even want shinys anymore!" and then running from school. Yeah, i think that's an acurrate representation b:
  9. I accidentally hatched a shiny abra
  10. I'm kinda tired of Pokemón. Maybe it's just that my trick room isn't good or maybe i'ts other thing but i don't feel like playing pokemón for a while.
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