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  1. you are welcome!!!
  2. Thanks a bunch mate! :)
  3. nope i am good jusst give me anything you dont need
  4. Ok I'm on it now, initiating trade :) is there any starter you might want, or anything else you're looking for?
  5. its me initiating the trade my ign is Sota
  6. sure just initiate the trade
  7. Same with you.. You're not even listed :( no one else is either except my roommate. Well I'm online now. Should we try adding names?
  8. well i added you but never seen you online.
  9. I still haven't seen your profile in-game for some reason, even though I added you. Do you think we can trade sometime soon? Looking for a Protean Froakie with preferably timid nature (decreased attack?) and good IV's :) Modest would also work well for me. Thanks man.
  10. i dont want anything just give me all the worthless ones
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