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  1. Thanks for the reply! I've kind of been wanting to try digital art for a while now, so I really appreciate the details about different programs.

    And while I don't know much about GoT, I'm always a fan of caricatures so I'll definitely check those out lol
  2. But if you are interested in my other stuff, on instagram I've posted GoT-caricatures under the Name zachzombiestudios. Those I also did in Affinity, which is build up like PS.
  3. Hi Nssbs,
    thx for the respond! I used the program "photo affinity" and, you know, drawing gear like a digital pen.
    While affinity has 1-2 Advantages over PS CC, it also lacks of stuff PS has. I will maybe stick to CC, even though you now have to abo it. Affinity is pretty cheap compared to that 55€ once, which should be around 50-60$.
  4. I saw your fan art of the Rocks/Rox crew on Greg's thread, and it looks incredible. If you don't mind me asking, what did you use to make it?
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