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  1. No problem. The only thing I would point out is how that example you gave, while it can definitely be linked to Japan's sexual culture idealizing childish behavior in how frequent it is, is also often just standard writing for introverted/shy and awkward inexperienced females. Or in other words, tsundere characters. Such as Pudding in One Piece right now. I wouldn't judge any behavior like that from any woman regardless of age and it often takes an extraverted, patient, and comforting guy to break them out of their shell. That was pretty much exactly how my first relationship with a girl was lol, although that was during high school/college. But with how often that occurs with designs that look so generically childlike, it still works with your overall point.

    Just wanted to note that lol. And feel free to talk to me anytime about whatever you want, I always appreciate your feedback in threads.
  2. Nah, it was a good (unexpected) feedback. Thanks! :)
  3. You made a good agreeable post in the Rurouni Kenshin thread. Just wanted to let you know that. Sorry if this visitor message is random as hell lol.
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