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  1. I know all about being late to discussions, but sometimes I also deliberatly hold back myself :D Sad to hear about your stay at the hospital, I hope you recover soon!
  2. Ive been wanting to post! But work had me crazy lately and by the time Im going to post the discussion is waay past the point. Have a couple thoughts in my head wanna throw out there but not yet xD. Eh well, just recently got out of the hospital, see if I get better :(
  3. Man, I just realized that you posted on my profile like 2 months ago. I was crazy busy lol. Everything's going well, though, hope you can say the same for yourself :) Hope to see you around the forum.
  4. Pennywise ! Just paying by to say hi. Saw a couple of post of yours recently and wanted to pass by and say hi to a fellow poster. Hope everything is alright!
  5. Thanks, man! I just couldn't pass on this opportunity when I saw the name was still available; first time ever I was able to grab this name on the internet, I think. :) And yeah, this guy is the absolute symbol of childhood (nightmares!).
    See you around the forum!
  6. You have surprised me, my friend. Really like the name and profile pic! Ah Pennywise! Such a childhood. Have fun on the forum!
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