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  1. No clue to be honest :D I still need help with my dex, but nothing particular in mind. Should you need something, let me know :)
  2. What'd you have in mind?
  3. That'd be awesome :) Can I do something for you in return?
  4. Your friend safari contains Mienfoo, Pancham and Tyrogue. If you still want the Porygon Evolutions for your Pokedex, I can still trade you those I transferred over from Black 2 and White 2.
  5. Uh I have a fighting Safari? Nice. What else is in there?
    I'm finally ready now, I'll initiate trade :) thanks for waiting.
  6. No worries. I'll be shiny hunting in your friend safari until you get ready (looking for 3 shiny Tyrogue's for each Hitmon-lution). I was going to trade the Porygon's over to my friends 3DS since he's letting me borrow it for the week. If you want, I can give you the Porygon2 and Porygon-Z I transferred over from Black 2 and White 2. They both have the hidden ability Analytic.
  7. Sorry, give me like half an hour and I'll initiate the trade :)
  8. I take it you want to evolve your own Porygons? Coz I got a bunch of those as well xD
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