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  1. Happy birthday Rogues!
  2. Thanks Rogues!
  3. Congratulations on your promotion, Galaxy!
  4. I'm currently camping (limited phone battery right now), but I'll be back home around noon tomorrow.

    So Tomorrow Night in the IRC. I'll be there then. Wait for me.
  5. I finished up Episode 4 on Sunday. Whenever you get the chance, you should hop in the IRC.
  6. So you're kinda still at the beginning-ish. I just finished the end of Episode 4 this afternoon.

    Ohohoho Galaxy, the things I know that lie ahead for you....

    Hit me up when you're finished, 'cause you and I are going to chat.
  7. I got to the part right after you reverse the parallel timeline. Also, the first major decision in that timeline was devastating, so both options sucked to choose.
  8. How far are you along?
  9. I still badly need to play the rest of Episode 4! As soon as I get situated into my new apartment I'm going to try to get it finished before the semester begins.

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