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  1. It's Kaworu. I think at least one of the mods knows, no biggie.

    Yeahhh I don't keep up too much with Trump (for my own sanity, even remembering that he's our president gets me riled up), but Burger-stan (America) is a weird-ass place now. On the surface in your local community everything seems the same, but people are definitely afraid to mention that Trump's our president. The ones who do like him are thankfully usually seen as crazy, someone to be wary of on the streets, etc. But yeah I'm gonna see if Burger-stan gets any worse than this, and if it does, I will be jetting in a few years or so after I build up more savings. I appreciate that, by the way! A poodle leading the country is maybe less ridiculous than Trump leading it.
  2. In that case shoot me a PM with your alt one of these days. But knowing you, I probably will have heard of that nick already. ;-)

    After Trump I'm putting my hopes on you to lead Murrica, friendo. It could use some of your dp-ness. :>
  3. WHOA. Hey there. Yes I am lol, I occasionally log into this account. I post on an alt now for funsies (occasionally!). But yeah man when you get back to me, we can PM, skype, talk on here, it's whatevs. I'm doing pretty well life-wise, just trying to still finish college.
  4. Still alive and kicking, brother?
  5. Thanks bro. Same goes for yours though.
  6. Sick av. Looking like he's about to lay down the law.
  7. The unknown trucker character may be me for a few years lol. I drove to Dallas because that's the road I want to take to my "end game destination", that being New York City. Dallas is a bustling business city that's also rather trashy lol. BUT it did strengthen my desire to continue working towards my Finance degree. I wanna work in those big, glowy buildings, man, wearing a suit and tie and taking home fat bags of money. I've been attracted to this competetive career for a while and I wanna finish up the prep stage. Visually seeing somethimg from your eyes is soooo different to thinking about it a lot.

    Yeah I drove by myself, made it more terrifying/interesting lol. When it's just you and you don't know the way... Kinda spooky.
  8. Long drive to a mysterious city? DP driving himself? Tramping? And is there an unknown trucker character? I'm all ears. ╰(・∇・╰)
  9. Just went on a looong 15 hour drive on some days off I took. Wanted to visit a big city and so I did. The drive was brutal lol. Makes me realize that truckers don't only have to watch out for what's happening on the road, but also what's happening with their physical condition.

    Not only fine but mighty fine! Excellent.
  10. It's DP! :D

    I'm doing fine, man. Doing mighty fine. How bout you? What's cracking over there? :')
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