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  1. In part you're not saying anything that I or someone else in the thread hasn't said already, but that doesn't mean you're not correct. People just tend to not discuss something they've already talked about several times over.
  2. I'm not trying to gain attention to my posts or trying to lure everyone to thinking I'm the god of opinions and that I deserve glorification and decoration and all that bull chittery. I kinda just want to hear how other people feel about it. I understand what you're saying though.
  3. Word of advice. If you post something, don't make posts about what people think about it on the same page just because no one responded yet. It makes you look like you're just waiting for an inevitable downpour of praise and glorification. It's an easy trap to fall into and it makes people think you're pretentious.

    Now I'm not saying you are and your points are fairly made (though all of them have been voiced by us beforehand), it's just that pointing to it because no one responded to it after two posts can send the wrong message.
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