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  1. U.S. Maybe a storm is coming through or something.... Florida, wouldn't be a shocker. But yea, the other three I played before there was no pausing, frame drops or breaks... at least none I noticed.
  2. And yeah, I hope that replacing my modem will boost my wifi signal. I'm fine with trying tomorrow. Don't worry about it.
  3. Where are you from anyway? So far I've only had lag when playing with people outside of America. My 1vs1 matches with Smiley and Panekai went smoothly, and earlier I played just fine in a full room with some friends from another forum.
  4. Maybe we should try this tomorrow... you said your internet will be better then, right?
  5. It says Unable to Join....
  6. I already switched my map selection to Omega Only. Feel free to join the room any time.
  7. Yea, I was getting a lot of lag. The inputs were failing every time the stage transformed due to hiccups.
  8. I am really really sorry. I thought that the omega symbol showing up next to the X button mark meant that I had selected the omega version.

    if you want we can redo the match. the stage transformation was actually making me lag during the first seconds.
  9. Are you up for a For Glory match?

    For some odd reason I only get a steady full bar signal a room away from my modem, so I hope you don't mind waiting a bit for me to send you through PMs my counterpicks after the first match.
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