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  1. 16 characters of <3
  2. Thanks, Ugs .
  3. Happy birthday <3
  4. Thanks for joining the game, even if it was for a short period of time, I hope you had as much fun as I did making it.

    Sorry for anything and I see you around~~
  5. Hey, can you empty your PM box ? Is full~~
  6. Yeah, I too miss the old times in this forums.

    But at least, I had a lot of fun in this place.
  7. Thanks :-) Yeah, in the past, I used to work in a library, nowadays I work in a library that is inside a museum. As for literature, I don't know.... I am just thinking in the amount of William Shakespeare that I will have to read if I decide to go with english literature... (Help me !!!) AHAH !!

    I am glad that my posts were interesting to keep up with, together with my quiz games and Maid-chan (kinda..) I think I am a remarkable member in this place...Not bad for someone who has low self esteem. : ^)

    FYI, currently, I am doing a secret game show with a awesome prize, If you want to/can join, PM me.
  8. I'm glad to hear you're pursuing those education goals in college! I hope it pays off for you. And literature is what you love to do and study because I remember you talking alll the time about your job at the library...or was it a museum??? Anyway, those were some interesting posts to keep up with. Yeah, your news thread posts too.

    But the thing people probably miss the most is your game show, lol. I tried it once but the other players were just too good and I couldn't keep up. x-x
  9. Well, I kinda miss my posts about the current news of my country in the random news thread.
  10. So far, great !

    I'm only visiting the forums to post in my tea time thread or in my story thread. The rest of my time, I focus on my studies, right now I am doing a world literature course in college and I'm thinking in enrolling myself in another course in the future, maybe English literature or French literature or even Brazilian literature.

    Thanks for asking. :-)
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