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  1. I certainly hope so.
  2. OC's going to get better.
  3. Yeah, I just saw, already sent in my feedback brah.
  4. A lot has happened in OC.

    It'll be good if you get online there and see a pm of mine.
  5. are you there?
  6. If it has something like an IM, I''ll use it.
  7. Okies.

    Lol,I doubt anyone does Skype calls from OC.Most people just chat in Skype.
  8. I don't like using things like that, I don't do calls, so it be pointless for me to have a skype when I don't want to use it.
  9. Could you make a Skype account?
  10. Alright I won't, but again, thanks.
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