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  1. Done. Gwahzczk...
  2. Clear your inbox so we can get down to business.
  3. I have mentioned the series one or two times in posts, but moreso to reference that there are other cooking-based manga. Same with Toriko, except I actually read all of that because it was an action-adventure series. Not that I absolutely NEED that, but I don't know. Soma gives me Fairy Tail fan service vibes when I look at its art-style and what I have seen from its first couple of episodes.
  4. Guess then I just remembered wrong.
  5. No. Why would you assume that?
  6. You're reading Shogugeki no Soma, right? I'm up to volume 10 now and I really like the mirror match. Totally hyped to see the solution!
  7. The big plot-twist is that this new Flash is a mentor figure that Barry looked up to. Also, this speedster will murder one of Barry's loved ones.

    God, that formula was so repetitive. But they are apparently not using a speedster villain for season four. Some D-list villain called the Thinker is going to be the main antagonist.
  8. Hey, I've got a great idea for the new Flash season! How about making the new enemy a speedster? And not just a speedster, no, I mean a real SPEEDster as in faster than absolutely everything beforehand.
  9. They don't go away anytime soon. Seven Deadly Sins can get pretty damn trope-y and cliche, but it does make efforts to subvert things interestingly here and there.
  10. Yeah, I mean, seriously?! Powerlevels?!

    Well, it could have been ended okay if it were some sort of clever subversion. But no, they are played as straightforward as possible - as a mere empty hype tool. Dear god!
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