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  1. And I did like the Chimera Ant arc very much. I don't love EVERY SINGLE aspect about it, but it is definitely very good.
  2. I watched Hunter x Hunter 2011, then read up to the Chrollo vs Hisoka fight. A bit after that, I dropped off because I wasn't into the hiatuses and the current arc having so many new characters to get invested in, along with the typical Togashi wordiness. I respect it, but I'm probably going to wait until this arc is over. Which will be in a decade lol.
  3. Awesome lol, break is great! I can't remember, but did you watch HxH 2011 or read it up to the current arc? What were your thoughts on that?
    And I dunno, I get if it's not for you, but I'm finding this current stuff really great. The hiatuses are just part and parcel of HxH for a decade now, the CA arc would've been hard to trudge thru, but imo it's the greatest battle shounen arc of all time. This current one, while having tons of new supporting characters, is really tense and fascinating - Togashi, to me at least, is also much better at writing likable, very different & more human side characters in bulk than Oda, at least in this kind of context. Well maybe not lol, I'd have to more seriously consider that, but the Princes & bodyguards are all really good characters so far, and we have Kurapika to ground it all atm. I don't think the arc's close to finding its soul yet, but I'm excited for that to happen. And I just wait for the Viz translations, they're excellent for HxH lol. P
  4. I've been alright. Spring break just started for me. I'm trying to figure out how to spend my time.

    And not really. I sort of know the basic premise, but there's no way in hell I'm reading this arc in manga format with all of these hiatuses, an onslaught of new supporting characters I could hardly care about, and pages like this:


    I feel really bad for anybody who translates this manga.
  5. Bleh whatever lol - how have ya been my man? What've your thoughts been on the latest progression in OP? Also, I can't remember, are you current in Hunter x Hunter?
  6. The link doesn't work either lol.
  7. Edit - Whoops, trying to put an image in here and it's not working? I posted it, and in the edit window it shows up, and yet I can't see it - hmmmm lol I'll just link it:
  8. I'd agree that around Part 4 is where Araki really gets good, but imo Part 3 looks pretty solid in a lot of ways too. I get people's (and your's specifically lol) criticisms of Giorno, and at times it felt like quite a bit went by without him being much of a presence, but overall I really liked him - especially his design. Also as a side note, I finally got a new phone for Christmas (well I don't mean to sound impatient there lol, but it's been 3-4 years since we got a new phone & that same phone was just a Samsung Tracfone which died back in July, lol) and it's pretty great, an iPhone 7. So that's nice
  9. Oh hey, Merry Christmas (or Happy Holidays) and Happy New Year man - it's been a bit, so I think our late responses are counter-acted lol. Finishing the semester was really great, it actually wound up being my best semester yet by quite a margin so I'm feeling pretty good lately. :o
    And you weren't a fan of White Album? I really liked that fight lol, Ghaccio was definitely annoying but in an enjoyable way? lol I imagined him with a snotty anime dub b-tier villain voice, if that brings something to mind lol. I liked all the villains tbh.
  10. Yeah, the fights in Part 5 are cool. Although the ice armor guy was annoying. He just wouldn't stay down lol. Reminded me of how long it took for everybody to defeat Vegeta in the Saiyan Saga of Dragon Ball Z. I don't really care for Giorno though. He's pretty bland to me, with his only defining trait being "MY DREAM". You hear more about his supposed personality from the other characters commenting on his actions than from Giorno's own words, actions, thoughts, and expressions. The last of which always looked boring blank. The supporting cast is great though. Some of the best in the series. I do like the Italy setting too though. And I don't like Araki's first art-style either. It just felt painfully stiff and generic. He really found his voice at some point in Part 4, and just kept rolling with it. Although nowadays in Parts 7 and 8, I think he could vary up his facial features more.
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