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  1. The link doesn't work either lol.
  2. Edit - Whoops, trying to put an image in here and it's not working? I posted it, and in the edit window it shows up, and yet I can't see it - hmmmm lol I'll just link it:
  3. I'd agree that around Part 4 is where Araki really gets good, but imo Part 3 looks pretty solid in a lot of ways too. I get people's (and your's specifically lol) criticisms of Giorno, and at times it felt like quite a bit went by without him being much of a presence, but overall I really liked him - especially his design. Also as a side note, I finally got a new phone for Christmas (well I don't mean to sound impatient there lol, but it's been 3-4 years since we got a new phone & that same phone was just a Samsung Tracfone which died back in July, lol) and it's pretty great, an iPhone 7. So that's nice
  4. Oh hey, Merry Christmas (or Happy Holidays) and Happy New Year man - it's been a bit, so I think our late responses are counter-acted lol. Finishing the semester was really great, it actually wound up being my best semester yet by quite a margin so I'm feeling pretty good lately. :o
    And you weren't a fan of White Album? I really liked that fight lol, Ghaccio was definitely annoying but in an enjoyable way? lol I imagined him with a snotty anime dub b-tier villain voice, if that brings something to mind lol. I liked all the villains tbh.
  5. Yeah, the fights in Part 5 are cool. Although the ice armor guy was annoying. He just wouldn't stay down lol. Reminded me of how long it took for everybody to defeat Vegeta in the Saiyan Saga of Dragon Ball Z. I don't really care for Giorno though. He's pretty bland to me, with his only defining trait being "MY DREAM". You hear more about his supposed personality from the other characters commenting on his actions than from Giorno's own words, actions, thoughts, and expressions. The last of which always looked boring blank. The supporting cast is great though. Some of the best in the series. I do like the Italy setting too though. And I don't like Araki's first art-style either. It just felt painfully stiff and generic. He really found his voice at some point in Part 4, and just kept rolling with it. Although nowadays in Parts 7 and 8, I think he could vary up his facial features more.
  6. Sorry for the late reply. I've been talking a lot with another forum member through visitor messages so much that it sort of swamped over everything else.

    Yup, I hate how that feeling of emotional paralysis comes and goes. But at least I'm about to finish this semester by Wednesday. And I can relate to procrastination lol. In fact, I typed up the last half of a ten page research paper at school on Tuesday before class and wrote a whole thirty-page script in less than twelve hours that counts for 50% of my screenwriting course grade right before taking the final on Thursday. I'm insane, or maybe even a masochist lol. I hope you have dealt with your work well.
  7. One last bit too - I gotta say VA has some of my favorite Jojo character designs. Bruno, Mista, Giorno & Narancia are absolutely fabulous, the stands all look cool and crazy as hell, and in general the look of Part V is undoubtedly the most appealing to me so far. I mean, I downright am not a fan of Araki's art in Parts 1-2 (Well, I kinda like it in it's own way & for the historical aspect, but not much - I far prefer the anime aesthetic for those first 2 parts, and yeah I'm biased since the 2012 anime was my intro to Jojo, but yee) and while I do like Jojo's art overall, Vento Aureo's sensibility is something I really enjoy lol. I'm also getting the feeling Stone Ocean will also be up my alley.
  8. Speaking of setting, the use of Italy as a proper setting is really fun - getting to see many of the famous & less famous locales in the midst of a tense & crazy Jojo story is fun. GioGio himself is also real enjoyable. People had been setting me up to expect a bad Jojo, but while he's definitely a bit softer spoken I found him to be a really exciting character to watch. He's by far the most goal driven/active Jojo yet, who's path throughout the story is moved along because of what he desires as an end, rather than as building reactions to the events around him. He's got a very noble spirit like other Jojo's, but he's also remorseless and terrifying to those who he opposes. And before I even began Part V I knew I'd love him, but Bruno is just terrific.
  9. While in SC precious few of the enemy stand users stood out as individual characters, here the villains feel far more realized and driven. I mean, most of Dio's servants weren't the strongest willed around, and a lot were seduced/forced/bowed into working for him. In Part 4 most of the "villains" (besides the legendary Kira, who I know a fair bit about just by virtue of being around Jojo for so long) are just regular people who let power go to their heads a bit too far. To contrast, the enemies in Vento Aureo feel like solid opposing forces with their own goals and drive on par with the main gang. The fights and powers on display here are also by far the most brutal in Jojo, with almost all fights ending in at least one gruesome death. Fight settings are also varied and gripping, giving each its own style.
  10. But to turn to something a bit happier lol, I've really liked Vento Aureo. Like, I dunno how to put it, but I've always felt V would be a Part that really clicked with me, and it has. It takes the best bits of SC - namely when the fights have the most intensity, emotion, strategy, characterization and plot surrounding them - and brings them to new heights. Like, I've heard some dislike V because of it being similar to SC with a gauntlet of stand battles, but here all the battles feel far tighter/more purposeful to me. None of the clashes feel throwaway (well, a small handful do, but that's the minority unlike in SC) and to complement, the minor villains and their powers have to be some of the best yet.
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