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  1. Always fun playing with you Nami! No worries. Been experimenting with weapons too, a big reason why my rank is -A.
  2. ggs :D Sorry that I couldn't help you get out of A-, I'm still learning the blaster. But it was fun overall ^~^
  3. nice seeing you again! twin? :D
  4. Lost connection on our last battle. Holy crap we improved! Those back-to-back matches where I backed you scoring then you backed me was perfection!
  5. Stupid lost connection.
    Have fun!
  6. nice playing with you. gonna leave now, watching deadpool <3
  7. actually scratch that, headache is taking over, not feelin so fresh anymore.
  8. I'm on and off in turf, unlocking gear- but we can splat. try to find me again in turf and we can squad :P
  9. I'm trying to get into the habit of checking Miiverse and now you hit me with Vistor Messages.
    I see you playing but I can't find you in turf or in a room. There has to be a better way to do this.
  10. up for some ranked?
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