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  1. Thanks for the wishes!
  2. Happy birthday Glibord.
  3. It's being alright.
    Also I need to catch up to the hero academy (which by the way congratulations), last time was at sport festival.
    Laziness and work kinda get in the way lol.
  4. Hey, Smiley! Is life giving you your well deserved smiles?
  5. Its been awile since I was in the forum.
    Hope life is going well for you.
  6. Glad to know. :)
    Sorry for the reaaaaaaaly late response
  7. Yeah, I'm fine--thanks for the concern! It's just, I don't know, I've kind of lost interest in posting. Nothing can break our destiny-bond of friendship, though!
  8. I haven't see you in a while.
    Is everything okay?
  9. This year I'm prety turn off on the forum for some reason, so I don't know who I'll be suporting this year , though hopefully that changes.
  10. Ah, man, thanks a ton for fighting the good fight~ I'm honestly sad I ended up not having the time to campaign this year. But whoever you campaign for, it'll be carrying the spirit of the alliance!!
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