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  1. Well, as the saying goes, talking about music is like dancing about architecture. Not to say it can't be done,'s tricky. And if you need any suggestions for artists/musicians to listen to, I could definitely recommend some. But, of course, it's all a matter of what resonates with you.
  2. Oh that's a neat idea, doing 1 album per month each year! I've been trying to find ways to broaden my music taste/library, and try to critically think and analyze music (I've never done that before and all I really do right now is to see what I like and try to figure out why I like it), and Bowie's been my first foray into that adventure. I've been wowed at just how much his music shifts over the years.
  3. Awesome! Admittedly, I'm not as huge a Bowie fan as I might let on, but I wanted another artist I could list out 12 albums for (one for each month) and with his passing last year it seemed appropriate.

    But yes, I do like his music. Ziggy Stardust is great, of course, but I also really like Hunky Dory and Station to Station.
  4. Saw your new avatar; Low is such an amazing album.

    I've been on a David Bowie kick for quite a while now, and I've been pleasantly surprised with each subsequent album I listen to. So far, I think Hunky Dory, Low, and Diamond Dogs are my current favs.
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