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  1. Thanks, I will take my KOF discussion over there. You can delete that thread I made : )


  2. You should generalize the topic. Such a specific thread (favorite KOF female) is a bit too narrow to have a really deep discussion. I'd say make a general KOF thread or better yet, just take your topic of choice to the already existing KOF XIII Thread found ---->here<---- in the video game section.

    I know it's for an upcoming game and that the series is also a manga too, but I foresee the discussion having a bit more longevity there. Kof as a manga or anime really just isnt that popular around a forum like this. All the characters are the same as in the game and you'll find that thread more active to your tastes.
  3. Well i created a king of fighter poll but that wasn't allowed but they did say I could discuss king of fighter in a thread so I did. I know king of fighters is a video game manga and anime which is an unusual topic, but I am hoping for the discussion thread for KOF to stay open because I really like the topic I came up with and thats I wanted to talk to you : )
  4. Kind of.

    I'm a sub mod. i'm charged with watching over particular sections of the forum.

    What cha need?
  5. Hello Gekko135, I was wondering if you are a Mod.
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