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  1. I haven't read the books since they came out and I only watched the first couple seasons of the show. I have no idea. The books haven't even gotten to officially revealing that yet.
  2. Sorry for the disturbance but I know you've read the books and I tend to appreciate the way you word your answers.

    In Song and Ice and Fire, Robert's rebellion was a war if remember right. The kind of thing that took months or at least weeks. Both Ned and Robert went into it with the idea that Lyssa was taken by the Targaryen prince. And years later Robert seems to still consider it true.

    I find it strange they would elope considering Targaryen did what they wanted. And a prince has bigger standing than a Baratheon. But Even if they eloped because they were promised/married. Why did they let things get so bad? Even if Robert was delusional, Lyssa must have known she could at least get her brother to back down and cripple Robert's followers belief. Or is the rebellion separate from the supposed kidnapping?
  3. That is a question worth asking in the general thread, you'll get insight on which eps to look into.

    The old show can be picked up easily, but it does move a fair bit slower than modern television (and it was also designed for 20 minute chunks so there's some real padding in some stories in order to get to a cliffhanger constantly) and so it can be a bit dull by modern standards, and the effects budget is super cheap. But a lot of the stories and character stuff are solid.

    For the most part you can watch the stories in whatever order, but some seasons do have some arc to them. I'd say start with watching a few of the very best, at least one or two episodes of every doctor, and decide then if you can deal with the pacing of the show and the budget. Give all 7 a fair shake. If one particularly strikes your fancy, just keep going with that one.
  4. Hello I wasn't sure about resurecting the doctor who thread for such a simple question. I was thinking about maybe watching the classic doctor who to see how they change the character for the newest seasons. But I wanted to know if you can watch the old episodes without problem or would it be difficult for a modern audience. Also can you watch full seasons or if you watching the best ones is the right way to do it?
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