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  1. Ah, not Kaido? :P

    Was just bored and poked around at anything I noticed.
  2. Here is the answer:

  3. Before I answer may I ask: what do you think it is, and how come you were curious?
  4. What does the first K. in your name stand for?
  5. No worries! It isn't a big deal at all. I just got curious if it made more sense.

    With that being said, I agree, the theory, although possible is out of the scope of the story. We saw something very similar in Dressrosa with toys, this would just be more elaborated and willing than Doffy's kingdom. If it were going that way, we would have seen traces of it by now. Although that still leaves a big question mark on why does Big Mom want Germa. An infinite, fearless, obedient army is cool and all, but I would just hope she had her own application to the technology.
  6. Oh yeah, sorry about that, I intended to wait to respond when I had the time and energy to do so, but my mind ended up forgetting...twice.

    I don't think there's anything particularly wrong about the theory. It reminds me of the Star Wars EU with Palpatine surviving after the Galactic Civil War by putting his soul into clone bodies. But I don't really think it's going to happen since mortality hasn't seemed to be a real concern for Big Mom.
  7. I am just glad other members I would have wanted to nominate got chosen as well. Don't mean to bother, but I never heard back your thoughts on the immortality idea I posted a while back. Hope all is well, cheers!
  8. No prob, Count Mario may be in a class of his own but you've managed to stand out quite well yourself.
  9. Hey! thanks for the nomination! Wasn't really expecting anything given that I am a fool, the recognition is appreciated. To more discussions ahead of us.
  10. Just checking if the second explanation on the Totland thread was clearer, cheers!
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