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  1. I enjoyed Blazing saddles aswell Ubiq, I myself am doing fine at the moment, just observing the last couple of days left of Ramadan at the moment.
    Some of my favourite films would be 2001 space odyssey, Network, 7 samurai, Ikiru, (a couple of other Ozu/Kurosawa fims), Robocop, Goodfellas, City of God, 12 Angry Men, Blade Runner, Raider of the lost arc, El Topo, Vergito and Psycho just to name a few series.

    Regarding animation? I like three most popular series that has aired lately (Gravity falls, SU, Over the garden wall and Rick and Morty) but for nostalgia sake? Exosquad, Batman animated series and Gargoyles.

    TV series?here's the thread that I have made
  2. Pretty good on both counts. And you?

    Far as favorite films goes, man, there's just so many.

    Just to throw some out there in no particular order that I can watch endlessly without getting tired of them and that just come to mind.

    Bad Day at Black Rock, Animal Crackers, Jaws, Night of the Hunter, Forbidden Planet, Arsenic and Old Lace, Rear Window, The Searchers, The Wizard of Oz, Modern Times, the original King Kong, The Empire Strikes Back, Track of the Cat, Blazing Saddles, and 2001.

    On some days, I might switch out a few of those for something else but most of them are pretty solid favorites of mine.

    Plus animation, which could easily be a whole list to itself.
  3. Heya Ubiq, how are you doing and how is your health?
    Curious to know what are your favourite films?
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