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  1. Somalis also worshiped a deity called 'Waaq', there many towns in Somalia with the word 'Waaq' in it, such as caabudwaaq. Apparently it was a monotheistic god, possible reason how the Somalis were to embrace Islam peacefully and easily (an Abrahamic monotheistic god).

    There's also an ancient rock painting called 'Laas Gele' Fascinating.

    Have you heard of Queen Araweelo? Certainly an interesting female ruler
  2. Periplus of the Erythraean Sea (Ancient Somali names) and I'm pretty sure 'land of Punt' was situated in Somali Land (Northern Somalia/Djibouti), Djibout is essentially a nation with the majority being Somalis and the Afar People (they should reclaim their state from Ethiopia to be honest, federalism doesn't work in Ethiopia when there are so many ethnic groups living there, Somalis in Ogaden, Tigray, Afar, etc..).

    Somalis do indeed have one of the richest maritime history.

    Also Haile Selassie himself wasn't a saint (Ogaden dispute, being unfair to the other ethnic regions in Ethiopia).
  3. Yeah I know about the Horn. There's stuff from even earlier than Muslim writers about the area, pretty sure the Romans had some contacts. Possibly even the ancient Egyptians.
  4. Zheng He;
    I don't know if you have studied East African history before Zephos.
    Horn of Africa interests me a lot.
  6. Ibn Battuta's comments regarding Medieval Somalia;

    There were many different Empires/Sultanates that were in control of the Horn of Africa.
  7. As a fellow person who loves History, I recommend you to check out the epic 95 episode Chinese historical series called 'Three Kingdom', which adapts the novel and looks at the late Eastern Han Dynasty - Three Kingdom era, with central historical figures such as Cao Cao, Sima Yi, Lu Bu, Liu Bei, Chen Gong, Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, etc... it is by far my favourite historical series of all time. If you have the time Zephos, check it out. Here's the Youtube Playlist.
    Enjoy , it's among my top 3 favourites along with The Sopranos and The Wire.
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