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  1. We do have similar tastes in tv :) you can check the rest out of my tastes in this thread.

    Most poeple didn't like 2nd season at first but grow to appreciate more when the series ends or via a rewatch, I immediately loved it when it first began, I hated Ziggy as a human being but I understand why the character was like that, he killed Double G due to being constantly verbally abused by him 'malaka'

    What are your favourite HBO series by the way?
  2. I loved the 2nd season, by far my favourite, Frank sobotka was a tragic character, we get to see Baltimore decaying as a city. I loved how enigmatic Spiros and 'Three Greek' (embodiment of capitalism). They're not even Greeks to begin with, we also get to see a lot more of Prop JOE and the Major Unit best case is handled in the 2nd season. My favourite scene is also in this season (Omar's testifying in court against Bird). I was deeply shocked with D'angelo's death and I did like seeing Avon in prison. I also loved 1st season, 3rd season and the 4th. The 5th slightly dipped in quality but it was still good. The Wire is one of the few shows where i can choose 20+ characters that I liked, they're all complex, well characterised, developed characters with deep flaws in their character which makes them more relatable, how on earth did this series not win an Emmy?
  3. Hey there. I'm doing good, thanks for asking! Looks like we have the same good taste in TV shows =P
    Oh man, that is a really hard one. I'm not sure if I could pick a character, but I have a soft spot for Frank Sobotka and season 2. It's not particularly my favorite, but I remember a lot of people knocking it as the weak link, so I watched it with an extra motivation to try and see the good in it--I ended up really liking Sobotka's story arc and found it to be a good set up for the following seasons. I think season 4 might be the best though.
  4. Hi Steven, nice to see another fan of The Wire
    How are you and how is your health ? Curious to know who your favourite characters from The Wire and your favourite season/scene ?
    Take care.
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