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  1. Not sure what I'll be doing with the thing but I'll figure it out...particularly since I have a hard time keep up with anything outside my own DA and such.
  2. Oh added a liiittle something extra to the first post :P
  3. So do we chose specific article series' names for everyone to work on ? I know I already have my shtick planned out (the first reactions to a chapter page by page).
  4. I like your idea.

    SO, I think I'm going to work on my first Weekly Reaction post. Of course, I'll have to wait until the chapter actualy gets published in Japan.
  5. So will the next post be "0 + 1"? Or are we going into imaginary numbers next?
  6. The first post, classicly numbered 0, is up and running ;)
  7. It's simple enough: mangaka isn't getting anywhere and is losing fans, rush through a portion to just get to what they want. Why else would all the Fullbringers suddenly have their powers revealed so quickly know, the Vizard and the Shinigami took way longer?
  8. Kubo......rushing ?

    Somehow the entiere concept makes my brain go through a critical process error.
  9. Sorry about that. I sort of am still somewhat new with the whole "visitor message" ordeal we now have.

    And yeah, all we got is blank space from Kubo, so that should be easy. In other good news: Bleach is nearly out of the top 10 this week (only saved from being 10 because Beezle was color) so either the series is starting to finally fall apart...or Kubo is just rushing to get the characters that bring rank back.
  10. I'm sorry to sound bossy, but I can't possibly respond to you in time if I never see your message.
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