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  1. Hi there! Long time no see! Have not talked with you in ages!

    So, how have things been with you? And what kinds of new things happened since the last time we chatted? o:
  2. Sorry for the late reply! Gosh, I've been so busy lately for some reason. Or just lazy, or both. Bleh. I'm really sorry to hear both about your job and your mental issues. I have a friend that seem to suffer from the same thing you do (anxiety and depression) and just being her friend is tough - I can't imagine actually having to go through it! Will you be alright over the holidays? If you celebrate it, not everyone do. I'm personally feeling the financial drain and I've yet to buy the majority of the presents I need to get + make through it until the next payday but hopefully I'll be alright. I actually have a few days off now so I can sort things through and not... kick the money down the drain. Hopefully
  3. Currently, I have been going to group therapy (Started with five days a week, now down to three days.) which has been helping me out a lot. I also have been looking for a new job, plus I signed up for unemployment, but that is still being figured out. So, yeah. I'm also sorry about the late reply. But anyways, how has life been treating you?
  4. Well, I have some mental issues. (Extreme Anxiety/Depression.) And I could not go to work anymore till I got these issues fixed. (AKA seeking help.) So, I had my roommate (Her name is Sammi, who is also on the forums here.) text my boss to work out a leave of absence, but apparently he never got the last few texts. Which I think was a lie. So, then I got a new text of him saying to return the keys or else. Sammi called him, and got things figured out. (That's when I found out from her that he did not get the last few texts.) The next day, she returned the keys, and asked about if I was fired or not. I was, but apparently, on good terms, so I can get rehire there if I want, but I don't plan to. I need a less stressful job till I get my issues straighten out and get better.
  5. D= I'm sorry to hear that! Did it happen suddenly?
  6. Oh, well that was part of the job, to ring up people at the register. But not really try to get them to buy stuff. More like they came in, got the stuff they needed, and went through my line type of thing. Sorry, I guess I misunderstood earlier since you said you worked at a museum, and I saw that differently compared to mine. (Plus, the different things you did versus mine.) Though stuff happened, and I am now currently out of a job. So, I no longer work there.
  7. Maybe I jumped the gun but I assumed that you worked as one of the sellers (not sure what the proper word is, cashier?). My main duty at the reception is to take care of visitors and sell items from the store. Everything else, apart from secrutiy that's just always floating around in the background as a constant reminder, is secondary.
  8. Oh, cool. And what do you mean we are kinda of doing the same thing? -curious what you meant by that-
  9. It's a museum with items from all over the world =) But it sounds like we're kind of doing the same thing.
  10. Sorry for the late reply.

    Anyways, museums sound like fun! I love learning, history, etc. -wonders what specific type of museum it is-

    As for me, I work at a store called Dollar General. It is considered a retail position. The store basically has the basic goods like food, clothing, etc. But in small selections. So, for example, we don't carry any fresh produce, but we have canned vegetables and fruit.
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