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  1. Sorry for not messaging you lately. I don't really have an excuse, it just happened. I notice that you haven't been on the forum since January. I know you probably won't see this until you finally log back on, but I hope you're okay. I've missed you a bit.
  2. Okay. I erased it all.
  3. Clear your inbox please ^^
  4. I send you a private message already! o:

    Ah, I see o: (About Indian food)

    Oh wow. Yeah, we are in the same boat. No veggie drinks for us! o:

    Ah, okay o: My friend she hates pizza XD, and she needs plain burgers for example. Though I think she likes sweets, as she loves to bake and stuff.

    And thank you! I appreciate the thoughts! And as for the wisdom teeth, well having just soft foods is not really fun. I do seem to have been eating less though. Besides that, I can talk well, but the pain/numbness is annoying. Less pain today though! So, it is slowly going away! :D
  5. Feel free to send me a private message when you want to. It's your choice.

    Indian food? Perhaps.

    My dad likes vegetable drinks. He made me drink one once. It was terrible. I made sure to tell him to never give me that drink again no matter how much he wanted to force me.

    Oh, I need plain food. Trust me. I hate toppings on my pizza. And I'm also picky about sweets. I don't like chocolate or cake.

    I think you have the potential to beat it. The wisdom teeth extraction recovery period is a good opportunity to distance yourself from that habit even more. I hope the pain subsides soon though. Can you talk well yet?
  6. Right :o

    Yeah, at least you got support from your family. I don't. It is a long story as well XD (I had trauma with my mother for starters.) If you like, I can explain it in private message too, just give me the word! o:

    lol XD (About the studying.)

    Ah, I see. (About the meat thing.) Maybe Indian food might be your thing, they don't use meat much in their recipes from what I believe.

    I gotcha. (About soup.) So, no vegetable drinks for you! O: (I don't like them anyway, prefer fruit mixes, but yeah .-.)

    I gotcha about the pickiness. A friend of mine is super picky, more than you! She has to have super bland/plain food! So, you are not that bad XD

    As for me, I had food binge eating problems in the past, and I still do. Trying to reverse it, and eat more like how the Europeans do. Though recently, because of the pain from the wisdom teeth, I'm not really focusing on that schedule much for food. I seriously, can't wait to get rid of this pain!
  7. That's a broad question lol. I'm sort of repulsed by most kinds of meat. I don't mind fish, but I don't eat it often. That doesn't mean I'm a vegetarian/vegan either, although I can eat certain veggies if I need to.

    I don't care for how weirdly warm soup is. Or how I feel strangely disturbed by food being inside of a liquid body lol. And I'm awful at eating noodles efficiently.

    I love various types of pasta, including macaroni and cheese. As well as rice, beans, pizza, and fast food. I like sandwiches, but mainly stick with cheese sandwiches. This is a bit embarrassing to talk about that though. I've often stood out because of it when I was younger. And I needed help with eating when I was little too. My food pickiness is most likely linked to my mental autism, but my unwillingness to branch out over the years is also to blame.
  8. I was joking lol. I wouldn't assume something like that over a few visitor messages. Not that you aren't a cool gal though. I still live with my parents. They're great people, even though we can often get on each other's nerves. That is awful though.

    That is perfectly fine. I actually prefer talking in private messages.

    That sounds like it would take a lot of studying lol. I'll stick to learning making comic books, making critiques, and learning screenwriting.
  9. No, not really interested in you though o: I was just curious, since you mentioned you still got money from your parents! Though my parents were mean, and never gave me an allowance. (I came from a broken family.)

    (By the way, I have feelings for my friend who lives in France, and she is nine years older than me :P) (If you like to know more, I can message about it via private message, as it is complicated, and I rather not have everyone see it on my visitors messages page.)

    Oh, I see. (About the social anxiety and language part.)

    Yes, indeed! I wanna learn a lot of languages besides French, Polish, and English. Who knows, maybe I beat the world record one day! :P

    Oh, what kinds of food turn you off? -curious-

    And no soup T.T I love soup XD Is there any reason why?

    By the way, what kinds of foods do you like to eat? o:

    Also, you're welcome! :3
  10. I'm 19. I've been going on forums making pedantic posts since I was 14, which surprises a lot of users who think I'm older. So forgive me if up until now you were thinking of hitting on me. :P

    I'm quite introverted and have social anxiety too, so I can relate. Being around people who speak another language than me typically feels awkward and a bit annoying if they yell lol.

    Please be sure too! People who are actually good at learning languages owe it to themselves to not lose such valuable abilities.

    Some foods really do turn me off. It takes me a while to adjust to others. Sushi is one of the few foods I don't mind eating, which surprised my parents for some reason lol. Soy sauce always looks delicious to me from a distance. I can't stand soup though, so I probably wouldn't like ramen if I tried it.

    Thank you. :)
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