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  1. Blackbeard storming Wano's aftermath would not completely undo what the Saga is meant to do. The frustration that Luffy would carry by "not fulfilling his promise". That's what Shanks would be there for though, to tell him that he is on his way to becoming a great pirate either way. The samurai would still have been united under the Kozuki banner and they can prepare for the counter attack. I don't find a problem even if it was two steps backwards after the step forward from defeating Kaido. It would be akin to Sabaody. The story would feel organic for everything not to be complete happy endings. If Blackbeard does it, then it builds even more tension between Luffy and him. That's why I said that if the current arc ends up with the Straw Hats and Big Mom pirates as allies, I would find it less likely that Oda ends Wano on a sad note.
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  3. Oh I tried clicking the gere but couldnt click anything could you tell me what page ot was on
  4. Anything to add about the quote I sent you?
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