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  1. Same, change some words and print for the year 20xx.

    Well it comforts to not be a crazy loner. :3

    Do you think we'll keep focusing on the right side in Kingdom? Do you have any bets on whom is the first Zhao general to die?
  2. The discussion pops up every once in a while. All I do is change the wording. :P

    Always nice to see you have someone thinking alike.
  3. What you just said of Mihawk's slash, is exactly what I have been saying as well. At least I am not alone in that regard.
  4. Figured as much ;)
  5. Mmm, I was just playing along, wasn't really considering the movies canon.
  6. No worries, I'm at work anyway. It's 10 AM here :)
  7. I'll keep answering in a couple of hours. Just got to sleep too.
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