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  1. Su gimimo diena, noob, my fellow virgo.
  2. I am the reinforcements! Soon our kind will triumph over AP and everyone will don our sacred colou-nah. I was very surprised myself to find someone from Lithuania here as well! Wanted to drop you a few lines before but couldn't find a pretext so I'm glad I got that out of the way, haha :D
  3. ...So I couldn't have been further from the truth, huh. Welcome to Arlong Park, Land of Assumptions and Confusion.

    I am awestruck, really. It is so rare that I see anyone from this country on Arlong Park (or interested in One Piece, for that matter). I mean, yes, there was a guy named Big Bad Lith(uanian), but he is actually from Chicago. And that is it!
  4. Haa, this is what I get for assuming things. I'm from Lithuania as well )
  5. It's the least I could do.

    Oh, and although I live in Lithuania, my native language is Russian. So, sorry about the confusion that - I assume - led to you to Google in search of a proper translation.
  6. Regarding the best avatar nomination:

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