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  1. For my people, every day will I struggle with the softie inside of me.

    Wait, is this a trick question?

  2. You're a hard-ass, aren't you?
  3. The fact that I can symphatize with his cause doesn't mean I can tolerate his failure.
  4. You didn't enjoy emo Harry? Neither did Voldemort.
  5. We need to be honest with ourselves: if that was true, one book would be enough. Okay, three books.
  6. Voldemort did nothing wrong!
  7. Your wizard choice is impeccable. Almost.

    And we all know what that says about one's caliber as a human being.
  8. vis tiek jokio klever atsakymo nesugalvojau.
  9. Angliškai tai skamba kind of kewler.
  10. Thank you for the birthday wish, Silverblade, mano bendražyge mergele.
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