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  1. I am chill, is the people who answers who likes to rush things (Wake up, 7 PMs)..Gaaaaaah
  2. Where's the rush. Take it easy.
  3. Well, itīs a long manga, it's ok for people to forget things.

    Last time, I did 100 questions about One Piece, and I finished the game in less than a month, letīs see if I can do this again.
  4. And thank you for hosting.

    Your quiz has reminded me that I need to schedule a reread of One Piece sometime soon.
  5. Thanks for participating.
  6. Sorry for not making the question clearer, I made a new question.

    Check it out ASAP.
  7. Obrigado, Captain.
  8. Happy birthday, Silverblade.
  9. Happy birtday, Silverblade.
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