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  1. I'm ready for all the complaints that'll come for my namesake in a year or two lol
  2. Excellent username tagline.
  3. Spoiler:

    I feel you.

    No. I was just talking about Obi-Wan's lightsaber lol. Unless I missed something.
  4. Spoiler:
    That's what I thought. It wasn't really that bad, but considering the fact that Maul blinded Kanan onscreen in the Season 2 finale, I would've thought that we could have gotten something more impactful. At least something that feels like the lightsaber is hitting Maul's body.

    Also, I think I misunderstood your original post. You were saying it felt like Obi-Wan's actual body went through Maul's body too, right?
  5. Spoiler:

    He did. It was just done in the type of censored, toon force-esque "I'll not be as mutilated as I should be because I am a major organic character" shtick. Like how Zoro should slice apart a lot of people's limbs and whole bodies most of the time, but it conveniently never happens.
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    I think he did slice through the body? I was a bit confused when Maul collapsed from it before I realized what happened. Wasn't a very well executed finishing blow to me, but not as bothersome as other parts of the episode.
  7. Maybe it's just me, but when I watched that moment in the latest Star Wars Rebels episode:


    Obi-Wan's finisher on Maul gave me Zoro vs Monet flashbacks lol. It looked like he literally sliced through Maul's body, not just the lightsaber.
  8. At least it was a decent Disney sequel lol.

    And I am afraid not. I have watch a bunch of Dreamworks franchises though.
  9. Yeah it's a lot of fun...then there's all the direct to DVD sequels and Barbie movies that I watched in equal bulk. I'm ashamed to say I've watched Kronk's New Groove significantly more times than Emperor's New Groove . Did you watch any of the Barbie movies? I will admit though that The Princess and the Pauper and The Twelve Dancing Princesses are treasures.
  10. I understand that. I used to ignorantly think Disney Princess movies were too girly as a kid lol. It's always fun to rewatch Disney movies though. In my prepubescent/very early teens, I would actually marathon most or all of Disney and Pixar's animated canon to enlighten myself about movies I haven't either seen or watched in a while. The first time I watched The Hunchback of Notre Dame around then was a very magical surprise lol.
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