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  1. I personally have a really soft spot for Sanderson's first Mistborn trilogy. The Final Empire, Well of Ascension, and The Hero of Ages. It checks all my boxes.

    His opus is the The Stormlight Archive which is really good but still being written. The fourth volume of that comes out in a month. They're all super huge tomes though, equal to multiple smaller books.

    For a standalone introduction Elantris is probably okay. Its his first book, and probably his weakest as a result, but the characters are interesting and it tells a neat self contained story.

    If you want to get away fromt eh fantasy stuff, he has a sort of superhero series with The Reckoners, and you can start with Steelheart which works as a standalone, but if you like it there's three more after it.
  2. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep. My pace picked up for the final stretch but it's really not a page turner hence my progress was very slow.

    I'll get to Sanderson eventually but for now I'm understandably gonna take a break from fantasy and switch to science fiction. Though if you want to recommend some Sanderson books, by all means, do so please.
  3. LOL. Nowhere near as bad as reading it in real time as they were coming out. It took me nearly 15!

    It reeeeally slows down and slogs in the middle, doesn't it? I can only imagine how bad it would have been if Sanderson hadn't taken over at the end.

    On that note, you should read Brandon Sanderson now. He's fantastic.
  4. It might amuse you to know I finally finished Wheel of Time.

    It only took me....Jesus Christ, four years.
  5. I did not have the blast sling beforehand. I did not yet realize you really needed to set up traps in advance.

    It was not a pleasant fight. Took me several tries.

    I later went back to try it again and it was easy once I knew what I was doing. But yes, its a game that demands you get all the weapons.
  6. BEAT BELLOWBACK FIRST TRY WOOOOOOOO (not trying to be an ass, just feeling super happy and adrenaline-y, it helps a lot when you buy the blast sling beforehand and know the tricks to set up the wires and stuff beforehand)
  7. The ones I've found so far have pretty much been on the way. And should probably take priority over basically any other side quest.
  8. Are cauldrons part of quests or do you have to go out of your way to find them?
  9. Yeah, the girls were sort of terrible to Matt in that one. That's something that lingers for a looooong while and I never liked that. The next one is pretty good as I remember it. You're almost to the point where I caught up to the series as it was releasing! (#8 Path of Daggers was the most recent one when I started.)
  10. Book Six done. Seven arms under breasts, one arm under chest. The book really ticked me off, even for how insufferable the women can be, they were REALLY insufferable this book especially with how they treated Matt who, while yes he can be a prick, always had the best intentions for them and the girls always treat him like dirt. Not a lot was accomplished in the book in terms of plot though I'll give it credit, that ending with the Asha'man was easily one of the best and most memorable endings, Jesus Christ they were turning people into red mist!

    Well onto Book 7!
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