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  1. Ey dom. Here the idea I talked about some days ago: :-)
  2. Hace a nice day dear D! :)
  3. Thank you a very touching movie. Perfect to start the day
    I was surprised it is Japanese
  4. Sure. You're special friend to me. Hope you're fine.
  5. Thanks I stayed at home today. Actually visiting the forum and reading helped me not to think to much about this tragedy otherwise I felt to sad. Thank you for your friendship, it helps me knowing there is kindness too.
  6. So sorry for the recent horrific events, man. It's unbelievable how absurd can be this world.

    Best wishes and a big hug for you and your people from Bogotá.
  7. You may like this thread. I found a nice visual novel called Remind by Jason Brubaker. I post about it in the thread.
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