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  1. he was very nice indeed. I know VERY few people as nice as him. he was like an angel on earth.
  2. I haven't seen *too* many of his videos, but he seemed like such a nice person. What a shame. :(
  3. wow. thanks AP for notifying me that Meta messaged me again. Yes, I did. Sort of. He came to Con Bravo! in Canada the year before he passed away. Got a photo of him and me with my cosplay. Wish I'd have talked to him more.
  4. Thank you.

    .....wait you met JewWario?!
  5. Thanks. And congrats on the new you, I hear
  6. Caaaaaaapppppptaaaaaainnnnnn Usoppppuuuuuu

    Happy birthday. <3
  7. Oh, late, but thanks for the support! edit: me being late that is
  8. hey meta. i haven't been too active, but i heard about your job. Good for you. Hope all goes well.
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