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  1. The main story quest gets really stupid and full of filler, by the way, just warning you. It's a really great game when you're not in levels 30-40 for the MSQ, but it gets really unfortunate there. There's also some just absolutely stupid shit before the final dungeon where you have to go get soup fixings for some idiot soldiers and other worthless stuff despite world ending shenanigans right around the corner. Everything is pretty great other than the awful main story and how dragged and bad it gets versus how interesting or fun it should have been.

    But yeah the crafting is great and gathering is really rewarding (Fishing is the best one by far, it's way more developed than the other two).
  2. EVERYONE knows that.

    COMPLETELY UNRELATED: Just fought Ifrit in FFXIV. Appropriately intense. Really enjoy a lot of the game, especially the do-anything-you-want nature of it and SWEET MERCY THE SOUNDTRACK. Not as big a fan of how so much of the game is A>B>A>C>B>D>A>B>C>D, both in terms of where you have to go for quests and crafting (though I'm sure I'm supposed to be using the market a lot more than I am so far). Got in a pretty lame Free Company and no linkshells, but it's pretty solo-friendly. So...yeah.
  3. BTW. Robby Lies
  4. Neither. I was consumed by Bravely Default up until I ended up getting Lumines Vita in the mail two days after and I ended up doing nothing but playing Lumines on four different platforms after that. I never got into a puzzle game like this before haha fuuuck.

    I beat Lumines Vita though and almost hit max experience points/level, so I will go back to Bravely Default's Fire Crystal area and find time for Sound Shapes. I heard the BEck levels rule
  5. Did you ever make it to the Beck levels of Sound Shapes, or have you been too consumed with Bravely Default?
  6. Oh, games budgets. They're pretty much my one big vice, but I'll admit there have been times when I lived on sandwiches for weeks so I could get a used game.

    Have fun with Sound Shapes! I haven't played the user levels a whole lot or made my own or anything, but the last set of levels are one of the best experiences I had with a PS3/Vita. And while I'm thinking about it, since you have a Vita, definitely look into Tearaway once the game budget works its way back around.
  7. I got Sound Shapes and Lumines lol. I'll just figure out some way to wrangle up 40 bucks and get Bravely Default a week or two late while I fiddle with these.
  8. I have heard really, really good things about Sound Shapes and the fact that I could play it on the Vita is really important to me too. I have like just enough money to get Bravely Default but I keep wondering if I should get Lumines Electric Symphony and Sound Shapes instead and just... Vita out. BUT I KNOW I WANT BRAVELY DEFAULT and maybe once I am actually playing it it'll be cooool.

    So yeah haha this is really wracking my brain trying to decide. Sound Shapes sounds so good tho and I've put it off for ages.
  9. Totally get the whole avoidance of dark games when in a bad place. On the flip side, have you played Unfinished Swan or Sound Shapes (I'll assume Journey and Flower have already been on your list)? They're two of the more joyful/happy games I've played in recent times. I'd also put in a vote for Rayman Legends. Of course, none of these have actual plots or anything, though Unfinished Swan has a fun semblance of one. Just throwing it out there.
  10. UNderstatement of the franchise lol
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