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  1. Also, I'm happy I met a person that played this game! I love this series, quite indeed! Maybe we can start a "guild", and hopefully we can find more people to play with XD

    I do want to be the main leader of the guild though, but for right now, just have fun with killing them enemies XD
  2. Thanks for the offer by the way! My character's name is Ekila o:
  3. As for PSO2, I want to unlock all the areas first, and I was level 20 on my other character; which I got leveled up pretty easily by doing the tutorial quests XD

    So, I hope that be okay with you! ^.^
  4. The one I'm working on right now, which... I have not made progress on it since several weeks ago from today; but it is a more symbolic one representing me. The plan is to have a little angel girl with dark and white wings, looking at some flowers. This represents my little "light" in me, that cannot be burned. While behind her, is this purple being, with light purple and dark purple, but the wings are switch compared to the little angel girl. This represents my negativity that tries to take me over. The background is split between night and day, represent balance between light and dark. So, yeah XD

    I need to start an art thread on here 0.0.... but I need like a really good camera to take a picture of my artwork XD
  5. Oh, cool. That's interesting about the light novels! I never read one, but I will try in the near future; if I ever get my hands on it XD

    As for painting, my style seems to be different compared to some other people's artwork, like fine art for example. I should make a thread one of these days.

    So far, I have this butterfly painting, where the wings are abstract-ish. The next one was this dragon, that has eyes similar to anime. I named this one Hornfire Dragon. I plan to make more of them, as like Oda does with devil fruit ides; I have interesting kinds like "Glass Dragon", and of course your simple ones like "Ice Dragon" XD
  6. Alright as long as you're fine doing that I'll try to help you get back to the level you were as much as I can

    my characters name is Ghil
  7. That's really cool I can't really do much art past basic shapes hahaha. Do you use any particular painting style? or use any particular type of paint?

    As for your question on light novels it will be easier for you to look at the wikipedia page for it

    That should tell you what you need to know. I personally enjoy reading light novels much more
  8. By the way, I think I probably switch to your server, so that means restarting my character; which is fine by me. The server I was on, it was really only for a friend that I'm no longer friends with. It's a really long story, but part of it; was being "catfish" by him, according to his "story". Yeah -_-
  9. Ah, I see. I don't really have a job, but I have been painting; so hopefully I can get a career out of that.

    Yeah, I have similar hobbies as you due for the most part. By the way, what is the difference between light novels versus regular novels?
  10. Pretty uneventful so far. Going to work soon so that's always fun

    As for hobbies read/watch Manga, anime, light novels and play video games
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