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  1. Lol, is my fault for thinking that everyone was aware of my name change.

  2. Oh sorry, I was a bit confused.
    Actually that's kind of hilarious that at least that first sentence nearly reads identical to the US scenario so far.
    Interesting how these things work out.
  3. I'm sorry, I'm Captain Ugly, you know, that guy from Brazil.
  4. If Trump is impeached and then kicked out by the Senate this doesn't mean a new election, it means Mike Pence becomes President.
  5. Hey Zeph, how is life ?

    As you know, our current president is under investigation for blackmailing, this put him in a bad spot, where he could get impeached any time given.

    Now, if he is indeed impeached, to summarize things, we are going to get new elections (direct or indirect), either way, this gives a opportunity for everyone who is currently under investigation to run for president and if this person wins, he/her gets immunity for any kind of investigation, such as the Lava-Jato.

    People justify (obviously not directly) the shielding of Temer in order to prevent the supposed return of Lula as president.
  6. Well, thanks for your point of view on the subject about Argentina government, I appreciate this.
  7. Merry Christmas and happy festivities !!
  8. Justicialist Party

    Radical Civic Union

    Among some years of military dictatorships, the Argentine government switch between these parties.
  9. I don't think Argentina has had 100 years of one party socialist rule lol
  10. Equal opportunity to be elected by the people and avoid monopoly of a party in a country (similar to a dictatorship). Let's take South America as a example, Argentina had 100 years of a socialist government, only now that an opposition candidate won a election.

    Sure, the status quo of a country reflects what type of government people will choose, but I still think is unfair that the party has unlimited time in power. Meh, Is just like a board game, when one of the players find legal ways to have unlimited turns.
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