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  1. Happy Birthday !!!!!
  2. Steppin' up the glasses game yeah!!
    How popular in New
  3. Yeah, Happy Birthday, B Kuma!!
  4. Well, Itīs nice to live in Brazil IF you donīt have a white skin like me.

    I see, the fruit question was good indeed, I should make questions like those next time (but not with fruits.)
  5. According to Gaddafi, Coca cola was made in Africa by the african people.
  6. the fruit question. LOL
    Must be nice living in Brazil.
    Exotic fruits and beautiful beaches and beautiful women
  7. And I ask you this: What question you canīt answer using Wikipedia ?
  8. Nah, i like a challenge, the Flag answer is a simple wiki check
  9. Hey, I thought you would answer the question.
  10. Which of the 5 fruits ?
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