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  1. I mean, Katakuri could have been a little more overt in foreshadowing this, sure, but I've seen enough anime and manga to smell a very familiar trope when I see one, and sure enough, Oda went for it. I don't recall if he did this before, having a boss enemy handicap themselves for a fair fight, or healing Luffy to even it out, so Oda showed remarkable restraint making it this far before going down that road, and honestly I'm not disappointed, Katakuri is pretty much the next leader of the family after Mama croaks, and his utter transformation (for the better, in all respects, many unexpected ones too) might be a catalyst for reforming the family into something better, less evil, or at least disbanding so the hopeless jerks in it get lost.
  2. Oh, geez, sorry about spoiling it!

    And even though I was arguing against it, I actually liked how Katakuri acknowledging Luffy was done in this chapter, starting with Mochi Man being completely focused on killing Luffy like before and then gradually getting disappointed as he realizes "oh...that's it?" before seeing Flampe.
  3. I didn't know there was already another chapter out yet, so this was kind of a spoiler for me, but I appreciate the acknowledgment. Even a broken clock is right twice a day, which is kind of how my theories usually work out (the ones that aren't extremely far-fetched, at least).
  4. Looks like I was wrong and you were right about Katakuri acknowledging Luffy as a worthy opponent and wanting to beat him in a fair way, although instead of healing Luffy's wound, he just injures himself. XP
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