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  1. Did not know Gracian. Sounds creepy... reminds me of Otto Weininger (you know him?).
  2. Yes, that what we usually say about him. But honestly, among the four philosophers I cited, Schopenhauer is the only one I haven't fully gotten into yet.Btw, Baltasar Gracian isn't very famous but he greatly influenced Nietzsche and Schopenhauer (and I believe Kierkegaard too). I don't know if you've read anything of him, but his philosophy is basically an individualistic Machiavellianism. Which combines many things, like seduction, sarcasm, knowledge, sport and all. Mozart's Don Juan is kind of the impersonification of this philosophy
  3. How comes, you are in Schopenhauer? Don't you think, that half of human experience is just omitted in his Philosophy?
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