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  1. I still haven't watched it, I'll get to it tomorrow, so no spoilers yet please!
  2. What I DO wanna see is Korra taking care of Kuvira, the mecha or both by herself. I felt like she had little to do with Zaheer's downfall, and even against Vatulaq it was Jinana's żlight emiting form? that finally saved Korra, even after awakening her powers two times in a row. I hope the series finale has Korra finally taking things head on and succeed at it.
  3. I guess you'll still see the finale anyways, right? I thought last ep was kinda rushed, though I won't lie, the giant mecha is kind of a neat idea. It still doesn't make Kuvira any better, but at least now I wanna see how they'll deal with a giant robot that throws death beams!

    The problems that ep had are the same as the rest of the season: things kinda happen. . .sporadically, and seem to have little weight. "Let's go behind enemy lines and see what we can do!" "Oh no, a giant robot! Let's go back, nothing we can do!". That sequence lasted less than a minute.

    Still, I also gotta admit that Varrick recap was delicious, and made me keep going with the season's finale. And eps 9-10 were kind of ok.
  4. "I won't hurt you, I'll do something worse, I'll keep you from seeing Kuveria ever again...somehow!" Worst threat...ever. And of course Kuveria doesn't give a shit about him, why doesn't she twirl her mustache some more, what a shallow villain. The whole they're in a relationship thing was just introduced to give their break up some semblance of drama only it doesn't work because it came out of nowhere and they just have no chemistry with each other....ugh...
  5. Really, Korra, you got the little fucker and didn't have the gumption to do what was necessary, even beat him around a little, the most you could do was scary eyes? Pfft.
  6. Where the fuck did they get a giant mecha suit, like what the fuck, establishing it at some point would have been nice.
  7. Oh hey, Wu, the worst character ever has started to act competently. This is supposed to be the resolution of his character arc. Minus the development. Also he was annoying as fuck.
  8. Jesus christ, the whole Kuiveria and glasses dude romance came out of nowhere and it was so awkward and clunky. They have like zero chemistry, it sounded like they were reading off a script.
  9. Season 3 was just so...fillery and bland, it only happened a few months ago and for the life of me, I remember almost nothing about it. It just feels like nothing really happened in that arc. A lot of the episodes I rememeber were episodic, one off filler episodes that would barely pass as an anime filler episode with how pointless and lame they were. I don't think season 4 is especially bad (except for whenever Wu or Opal open their mouths). I think it's problem is it's just more of the same. It's really just season 3 again. More of the same. Fight a megalomaniac, Korra screws up, lots of unfunny comedy skits, lather rinse repeat. I give Korra credit for one thing. People get excited for female protagonists or female villains not defined by them being a woman. Korra has shown me that with even that, a character can suck and be boring. Now that's true equality (get it? pfft).
  10. Season 2 for me is just...the worst. When Korra was trying to start a coup and steal a country's army and Mako was actually being sensible and reasonable on how it wasn't a good idea and either way he had a loyalty to his superiors and then she blows up on him like he's the crazy one. And then he has no other choice but to break up with her and she's like "You're breaking up with me!" like she hadn't been acting like a total insane bitch, hadn't been treating him like shit all this time, hadn't been unjustifiably chewing him out for her stupid decisons...and she has the temerity to be indignant about it...uggggghhh low low low point of the series.
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