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  1. You get used to harsh lyrics fast. Just listen to Amon Amarth ;)
    For "Something Wild", well, these were my favs and fan favourites too. Let me hear what you make of the other albums and Iced Earth.
  2. As you noticed, I gave a score to the "Something Wild" album. I liked: Deadnight Warrior, Red light in my eyes PT. 1, Lake Bodom, Touch like angel of death and Don't stop at the top.The only song I didn't liked was In the shadows, it was too all over the place.The vocals were a bit harsh to listen (sometimes, even to understand what he was saying), but in the end, I started to enjoy it.The instrumental part was great, kinda upbeat, but great.Good album, next one will be Iced Earth.
  3. Thanks for the tips, today I bought the "Something wild" album, eager to listen.

    Ah, I think you already know, but I already bough and listened to Type 0 Negative's "Bloody Kisses" album, the vocal/lyrics were AMAZING.
  4. I PMd you abou CoB. Iced Earth had their strongest years between "Burnt Offerings" and "The Glorious Burden", best Power/Heavy Metal since Maiden imo. Cradle is different, they try to change a bit with every album. Personally I prefer the first albums but this is completely a matter of taste.
  5. Sure, before that, do you have any tips for the bands in my sig ?
    I read that the "Something Wild" album of Children of Bodom is a great start.
  6. Hah, industrial rock is not my cup of tea either. Sooo, you have a Youtube channel, do you want to share a link?
  7. Also, I was planning to listen to NIN, but I can't seen to like industrial rock, they always feels so... Disturbing and awkward.
  8. Hey there, your idea of a metal thread is awesome, you should do it.
    I have a YT channel where I review metal albuns that I never heard before, mostly old ones.

    Another thing, I'm doing another game.
  9. That is great to hear !! Just checking on you, just that.
  10. Oh man, you have no idea. In addition to my normal job I had an important internship and my grandparents moved from their house into an appartment. It's all back to normal now and I'm glad it's over :D
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