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  1. Happy New Year!
    Sorry for the really late reply. Had some busy weeks. Well, OoT, Majoras Mask and Windwaker HD are my all time favourite Zelda games. Every character, dungeon and the story is just perfect in them.

    And because we only bought Nintendo systems for years, I discovered Final Fantasy a bit late. The next problem was the Active Battle System. I love turn-based action and when I saw, I think it was FFXIII, with the paradigm shifts and all that stuff going on on screen, while all my people were vulnerable... no thank you >.<
  2. Oh, okay. And I see. I played the Zelda series and Final Fantasy games in the past! ^^

    Which out of the Zelda/Final Fantasy games interested you the most?
  3. Well, I know it's an RPG. And that's it. The Zelda series and watching my brother playing FF games are pretty much the only experience with japanese RPGs I have D:
  4. Ah, I see. That's pretty cool indeed! Maybe one of these days I play that series. The video game I have been focusing on currently is Persona 3 FES. By any chance, did you ever heard of that game or even played it?

    And I'm sorry about the late reply. I also hope things are going well with you too.
  5. To be honest I'm only playing Battlefield 1 now. It's just so much fun because it's a classic Battlefield game with this new setting I'm really interested in, WW1. My brother and I still miss some features we know from BF4, but damn those horses and old planes and weapons are fun.

    Still, it's about THE war that raged one hundred years ago. And here I am, hoping that this game will be a warning and will shed light on the fact that senseless nationalism will lead to nothing but millions of dead soldiers and civilians. The most important message we need to pass on to our youth, especially in this time and age. DICE did this pretty good I think.
  6. Oh, cool. I have not played those series yet, but regardless did you like the new games you got? Anything interesting about them?
  7. Well I bought Battlefield 1 and the new Doom. And in a few days Dishonored 2 comes out :D
    I'm pretty excited because I loved the predecessors to the max.
  8. Ah, that's good to hear!

    What kind of new games are you planning to get?
  9. Quite good :)
    But more work and many new games coming out means less browsing AP -.-
  10. Hi there! How has life been treating you? o:
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